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CA500-Serie an Multifunktions-Prozess-Kalibratoren

Die CA500 und CA550 sind vor Ort einsetzbare, leistungsfähige und multifunktionale Prozesskalibratoren mit verbesserberten Quellen- und Messfunktionen.

Es gibt zwei Modelle mit unterschiedlicher Genauigkeit:

Modell CA500 CA550
DC Strom 0,015 % 0,010 %
Widerstand 0,020 % 0,015 %
RTD 0,3 ˚C 0,1 ˚C



  • Messung und Quelle für DC Spannung, DC Strom, RTD, TC, Widerstand, Frequenz und Puls-Signale
  • entspricht folgenden Standards:

    • 17 Standards für TC (JIS/IEC/DIN/ASTM/GOST R) und
    • 14 Standards für RTD (JIS/IEC/GOST R)

Unterschiedliche Muster für Quellen

  • Linear Sweep
    kontinuierlich von 0 % bis 100 %
  • Step Sweep
    Ausgang in einem Stufenmuster (Step),
    wobei die Anzahl der »Steps« von 2 bis 20 festgelgt werden kann
  • Program Sweep
    Benutzerdefinierter Ausgangswert (%) und Anzahl der Steps
    (10 Steps für CA500, 20 Steps für CA550)



Automatic input/output testing *CA550 only
(Program sweep)

  • Automatic input/output testing is possible by setting source values for each step for a calibration target. Calibration results such as generated value, measured value, error rate, date/time, and pass/fail are saved in CSV format in the CA550 main unit.
  • By connecting the CA550 to a PC using a standard USB cable, the instrument can be recognized as a mass-storage device for data to be transferred to the PC.

HART Communication Protocol *CA550 only

  • Version update will be available in June, 2020.(Free)

The following items are supported by HART communication function:

  • TagNo.
  • PV value (including reading of PV %value, AO value, SV value, TV value, QV value)
  • LRV (Lower limit of range)
  • URV (Upper limit of range)
  • Damping
Read and Write
  • Trimming of 4 mA
  • Trimming of 20 mA

*Please note that not all commands are supported by HART communication.
*TagNo acquisition function is available in BRAIN communication. No other functions are available.

Easy-to-view Display

CA500 features a Reflective LCD, providing improved outdoor visibility. Main display (generated/measured values) and Sub display (%, mV, Ω, etc.) allow required information at a work site to be confirmed at a glance.

Wiring information display function

A wiring diagram is displayed according to the function selected. This function allows a user to perform wiring while referring to a wiring diagram and prevents mis-wiring.

Thermocouple generation using TC Mini Plug

Using a TC Mini Plug together with a compensating lead wire enables generation of thermal electromotive force without an external RJ sensor.*

* A compensating lead wire needs to be prepared by customer.

Easy-to-use key operation

  • 0 % / 100 % keys
    The source can be easily switched between 0% and 100% of range. Users can also set a desired value.
  • UP/DOWN keys
    The output is changed in preset steps by pressing UP or DOWN key.
  • Operation key layout
    Keys related to generation and measurement are arranged collectively to allow easy and intuitive operation.


For 4 to 20 mA, 1 to 5 V ranges, users can choose between LINEAR and SQUARE ROOT output.



The CA500 series can be used as a transmitter simulator to perform a loop test. It sinks the set current from an external voltage source of instrumentation equipment.

Two-wire Transmitter Loop Check

DC mA signals can be measured by supplying power to the transmitter from a 24 V DC power supply. DC mA signal measurement and zero-point check can be performed with an accuracy of 0.01% of reading (0.015% of reading for CA500).

Zero point adjustment of HART transmitter

CA550 supports HART communication (Universal command/Common practice command).
Reading of HART device information, writing of LRV/URV, and trimming of analog output are possible.


The CA500 series corresponds to 17 types of TC for sourcing. It achieves the high basic accuracy of 0.5°C (typical of type K), two times better than the previous model.

Also, input/output testing is possible with a single CA500/CA550, as it can measure output signals.


CA500/CA550 corresponds to 14 types of RTD for sourcing. It achieves a high basic accuracy of 0.1°C* (typical of type Pt100), which enables it to operate a highly reliable test.

Additionally, input and output testing of temperature transmitters is possible at the same time.

*Accuracy for CA550


This calibrator performs measurement of pulse signal integration from a flowmeter and generates a pulse to a receiver, such as integrating counter or pulse converter. Integration time can be set from 1 min to 60 min.



90040 TC Mini Plug Set 1

K (Yellow) /E (Violet) /J (Black) /T (Blue) /R,S (Green) /B,U (White) /G (Red/Green) /D (Red/White) /C (Red) /N (Orange)

90045 TC Mini Plug Set 2

K (Yellow) /E (Violet) /J (Black) /T (Blue)

90080 RJ Sensor

For the CA320 / CA500 Series: RJ (Reference Junction)

98020 Lead cable for source

Set aus einem roten und zwei schwarzen Kabeln, ca. 1,7 m

98026 Grabber Clip

A set of separate red and black clips (for 2 m long wires).

98035 Lead Cables

Set aus drei roten und einem schwarzen Kabel, Krokodilklemme – Bananenstecker, ca. 1,7 m

98064 Lead Cables

Kabelset mit Krokodilklemmen und Bananenstecker nur für das Kontrollsignal (max. 70 V), CAT I, ca. 1,7 m

99045 Binding Post (Red Black)

Used for terminating (attaching) a single wire or test lead.

99046 Binding Post (Red Red)

Used for terminating (attaching) a single wire or test lead.

A1421WL USB Cable

USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Kabel, Länge: 2 m

SU2006A Soft carrying case

Soft Carrying Case


2019-12-12 Neue Firmware Version 1.02.000
Verbesserte Kommunikation
Opens external link in new window Link zum Software-Download bei Yokogawa

2019-10-17 Press Release (pdf ca. 350 kB)
Yokogawa Test & Measurement Releases CA500 and CA550 Multifunction Process Calibrators
For improved efficiency in on-site work