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WT3000T Precision Power Analyzer Transformer Version

The WT3000T (T for Transformer Version) is the world's most accurate power analyser, ensuring high accuracy, precision and stability at very low power factors. With almost 100 years of experience and leadership in measurement, Yokogawa enables manufacturers to develop the next generation of transformers with lower life-cycle costs.

You can view an accredited calibration sample certificate here.


Best Accuracy at Low Power Factors

The WT3000T is the world´s most accurate precision power analyser, offering the best accuracies at low power factors for commercial frequencies of 45 to 66 Hz. Low power factors have a dramatic effect on accuracy. The WT3000T offers accuracy of 0.6% of the reading for measurement, even at a power factor as low as 0.01 at 100 V and 1 A. This makes the WT3000T ideal for the precision testing of transformer losses according to the IEC60076-8 Standard.


High Precision

The WT3000T uses a 32-bit RISC processor and specifically selected 16-bit A/D converters to provides high resolution. It allows power readings to be displayed with a resolution as high as six digits, which minimises the uncertainties in the calibration process.


Long Term Stability

The WT3000T is very stable and only needs to be calibrated at intervals of two years. This minimises the downtime and hence saves money.


Clear Overload/Safety Indicators

Both standard formulas used to calculate the corrected power, when small loads are connected to potential transformers, are directly supported.


Accredited Calibration Certificate

The WT3000T is delivered with a calibration certificate from the National Metrology Institute of the Netherlands. It is calibrated, tested and measured according to ISO/IEC 17025.
The calibration is performed at at frequency of 53 Hz and at power factors of 1, 0.5, 0.05, 0.01 and 0.001. This enables the accuracy of the integrated transformer measurement system to be kept within the limits described in the IEC60076-8 Standard.

You can view an accredited calibration sample certificate here.


Easy To Use and Clear To Read

The WT3000T is easy to use at all stages of the transformer life cycle. The large (8.4-inch) LCD display makes it easy for the user to read the measurements.


Direct Readout of Corrected Power for Potetial Transformers

When small loads are connected to the potential transformers, the WT3000T directly supports both the standard formulas used to calculate correct power.



Usage as Calibration Standard and Additional Applications

The high accuracy, precision and stability offered by the WT3000T allows it to be used as a calibration standard. The accuracy of the instrument enables measurement of capacitors and power factor correcting equipment.


Model Description
T760303-03-SV WT3000T 3 input elements model
T760304-04-SV WT3000T 4 input element model




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