Explosive, Gun & Impact Testing

Sensors for Blast Measurements

Shock Accelerometers: Our high amplitude shock accelerometers represent state-of-the-art industry technology for miniature, high amplitude, DC response acceleration sensors, capable of measuring long duration transient motion, as well as responding to and surviving extremely fast rise times typical of a high-G shock event. Both a packaged and an OEM configuration are offered to fulfill a variety of installation requirements.

Pressure Sensors: Our pressure sensors are designed for a broad range of explosion, blast, and shock wave testing. They are frequency tailored to capture both peak pressure and total impulse measurements. Applications include measuring air-blast pressure in free-field or closed bunker arenas to obtain peak pressure, total impulse, shock wave and time-of-arrival measurements often used to study blast effects on structures, vehicles, or other objects.

In this catalog, you will find a listing of PCB®’s most popular blast, high-G shock sensors and other hardware for these applications. Please log onto www.pcb.com, and search the model series for detailed specifications.


Pyroshock Sensors

PCB has several new shock accelerometer designs that are contributing to the improved measurement of both high-level (e.g., gun launch and penetration events) and pyrotechnic shock. There is no single accelerometer technology that is optimum for every measurement application.

A brief summary of two technologies available from PCB is provided in this video and on our website www.pcb.com.


Civilian applications of various types of chemical explosives include:

  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Demolition
  • Pyrotechnics

Defense applications of explosives encompass:

  • Aerial Bombs
  • Mines
  • Torpedoes
  • Breeching Operations
  • Ballistics
  • Tactical Missiles & More

Product Types

  • MEMS High-G Shock Accelerometers

    • MEMS High-G Accelerometers/Commercial Series 3501 & 3503
    • MEMS High-G Accelerometers/ITAR Series 3991

  • Piezoelectric Accelerometers

    • Low Cost, Embeddable Accelerometers Series 660
    • High Amplitude ICP® Shock Accelerometers Series 350

  • Pressure Products for Blast Testing

    • High Frequency Series 113B
    • Ground Isolated Series 102B
    • ICP® High Intensity, Acoustic Sensors Series 106B
    • Time of Arrival ICP Micro-pressure Sensors Series 132
    • Tourmaline Pressure Bar Series 134
    • Free Field Blast Pressure Pencil Probe Series 137
    • Tourmaline Underwater Blast Series 138

  • Pressure Products for Ballistic Testing

    • ICP® Ballistic Sensors Series 109
    • Charge Mode Ballistic Sensors Series 119
    • Conformal Ballistic Sensors Series 117B
    • Shot Shell Sensor Series 165B02

  • Force & Strain Products for Structural Impact

    • Impact Force Sensors 201B and 208C
    • Dynamic Force Strain 740B02

  • Placebo Transducers
  • Calibration Products

    • Calibration Systems
    • Special Purpose
    • Shock Accelerometer Calibration Model 9525C

  • Specialized Instrumentation

    • Firearms Detection Systems Model 831
    • Ballistic Peak Pressure Monitoring System Model 444A53

  • Signal Conditioning and Converters
  • Cables and Adapters

    • Coaxial Cable Assemblies
    • 4-Conductor Cable Assemblies
    • Custom Cable Assemblies
    • Cable Connectors
    • Coaxial Custom Cable Assemblies
    • Multi-conductor Custom Cable Assemblies
    • Multi-conductor Cables
    • Patch Panels
    • Connector Adapters