Sensors for Force, Load, Strain, and Torque

Strain gage sensing technology is used for load cells and torque sensors,
whereas piezoelectric quartz sensing technology forms the fundamental
sensing principle for dynamic strain and dynamic force measurement. Each
technique possesses distinct advantages for the particular requirement. By
employing a variety of sensing schemes, PCB® is able to address a multitude
of applications, from monitoring the slightest machinery linkage forces, to
controlling press forces and other processes, to capturing the impact of a
violent crash, to assessing the torque profile of precision motors used for
aerospace vehicles, and force control during vibration testing of aerospace
structures. Other applications include cutting tool monitoring, biomechanics
feedback, and vehicle dynamics.

Product Types

  • Dynamic Force and Strain Sensors (Quartz)
  • Strain Gage Torque Sensors
  • Strain Gage Load Cells