Automotive Sensors & Instrumentation

PCB® Automotive Sensors division is a dedicated technical sales and support group, located in Novi, Michigan, USA, devoted to the testing needs of the global transportationmarket. This team is focused on development and application of sensors and related instrumentation for specific vehicle development test programs, including vehicle, & powertrain NVH as well as electric & hybrid vehicle testing & development; modal analysis; component & system performance; powertrain development; road loaddata acquisition; durability; driveability; ride & handling; and motorsport.


  • Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Testing & Development
  • Vehicle & Powertrain NVH
  • Automotive Modal Analysis
  • Automotive Component & System Performance
  • Powertrain Development
  • Road Load Data Acquisition
  • Vehicle & Component Durability
  • Driveability and Ride & Handling
  • Motorsport