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Raytek Raynger 3i Plus │Handpyrometer | IR Temperatursensor

The Raynger 3i Plus series is the result of an innovative development, and provides optimum performance with high accuracy, high optical resolution, a large memory and other winning features. It sets a new industry standard in the measurement of process temperatures with portable IR thermometers, especially in hot environments.

The 3i Plus is ideal for use in high-temperature industrial applications, such as iron and steel, metal refining, foundry, ceramics, semiconductors, chemical and petrochemical furnaces, heat treatment, power plants, and others.


  • Rugged design reduces risk of damage and minimizes service costs – withstands 1m (3.2ft) drop
  • More data sampling, ensuring faster processing time
  • Longer operational cycle (24 h) - Rechargeable batteries
  • Flexible for wide range of applications/temperatures
  • Highly accurate temperature measurement


Temperature Range700°C to 3000°C 400°C to 2000°C
Accuracy±(0,5% of reading + 1°C) (<2700°C)
Repeatability±(0,3% or reading ±1°C)
Exposure Time40ms
Spectral Response1,0µm1,6µm
Emissivity0,10 ~ 1,00
Operating Temperature0°C to 50°C
Relative Humidity10 to 90%, RH noncondensing @ 30ºC
Storage Temperature-20 to 60ºC without batteries

Laser Models: 218mm x 172mm x 74mm/700 g

Scope Models: 218mm x 222mm x 74mm/950 g

PowerSingle cell Lithium-ion, 3.6V, 2500mAh or via USB 2.0
Battery Life (Lithion-Ion)24 hours
LaserLaser beam for targeting (On/Off )
Reflected Energy Compensation
Distance to Spot (D:S)250:1
MAX, MIN, DIF, AVG Temperatures
Backlit LCD
Temperature DisplayºC or ºF (selectable)
Display ResolutionBelow 1000ºC: 0.1ºC
Locking Trigger
Tripod Mounting
Audible AlarmsTarget temperature/Ambient temperature/Low battery
Digital OutputsUSB 2.0 and Bluetooth® 4.0 (USA, EU and Canada)
4,900 Point Data Logging
Spare AccessoriesCarrying case • Neck Strap • Spare Lithium-ion rechareable battery, 2.5Ah • Mini USB port adaptor with multi-country power plug (100–240 VAC, 50/60Hz) including SAA, EU, UK, US and CCC • Mini USB-to-DC jack converter for charging battery separately • Computer cable with USB-to-Mini USB, 1.5m


  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Metal Refining
  • Foundry and Processing Operations
  • Ceramics
  • Semiconductor
  • Chemical Furnaces
  • Petrochemical Furnaces



Users will benefit from a rugged design, extended battery life and faster exposure time.



Increases operator efficiency, minimizing labor and maintenance cost.



Reduces risks of costly accidents and ensures operator safety. Reduces the risk of sensor overheating while minimizing repair costs and risk of process temperature failures.


Laser Sighting Options

Dual Laser: For precise measurement of smaller targets, the measurement spot is indicated by the
two laser points.

Red Nose: High temperature resistant plastic material nose features temperature sensor inside. If sensor is measuring critical temperature, alarm is given in the LCD of the 3i Plus.

Red Dot Sighting: When the target is bright or red hot, the laser cannot be seen. The Red Dot light in the scope highlights the area with a red light indicating where the temperature is being measured.