ABIT AQ-M800 - LTE Air Protocol Analyzer

The AQ-M800 is the LTE next step in the highly successful line of over the air protocol analyzers from ABIT Corporation. Its dual RF and CPRI input along with the I/Q recording capability and ABIT’s proven experience in protocol decoding and analysis, makes the AQ-M800 an essential and reliable tool for LTE air interface protocol analysis.

ABIT AP-6000 - Air Protocol Analyzer

The AP-6000 provides users with advanced solutions for both the R&D lab and IOT environments complying with the 3GPP latest air interface standards.

ABIT AS-1900 - PS/CS PHS Simulator for W-OAM

The AS-1900 the ideal tool to protocol development and compatible tests between User Equipment (UE) and Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) in PHS networks.