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Indoor Datenlogger

This includes loggers that can measure and record temperature, relative humidity, equipment runtimes, energy/power consumption, light use and a variety of other parameters. Standalone, wireless, and web-based data logging solutions are available.

Industrie Datenerfassungssysteme

leistungsfähige Datenerfassungs- und Logging-Systeme, sowie verschiedene Recorder und papierlose Schreiber

Tragbare Datenlogger

Wasserfeste Datenlogger

They can withstand a wide range of environmental conditions including temperature extremes, rushing rocky streams and ocean storms. Water temperature, water level, dissolved oxygen and fresh water conductivity models are available.

Wetterfeste Datenlogger

Onset's weatherproof data loggers have set the standard for reliable, accurate data logging in the field. From agricultural research to ecology studies, our weatherproof data loggers offer unparalleled ease-of-use and deliver exceptional reliability - even in the harshest outdoor environments.


senors and communication

RAYTEK Wärmebildsystem TIP900

IR-Temperaturüberwachung für die Produktion von Gipskartonplatten

INTERFACE 9330 High Speed Portable Display Data Logger

This digital indicator can be used as a battery operated, hand-held data recorder, or placed in the laboratory for stationary use with AC power. It is cabable of taking measurements up to 3750Hz with 24-bit resolution and recording to a removable SD card at 1000Hz.

ONSET HOBO MX1102 Data Logger

Onset’s HOBO MX1102 CO2 logger makes it more convenient than ever to measure and record CO2 in buildings and other non-condensing environments.

ONSET HOBO MX2001 Water Level Logger

Onset’s HOBO MX2001 is the industry’s first water level data logger designed for convenient wireless setup and download from mobile devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.