AudCal – Portables Audiometer-Kalibriersystem

Zertifizierung und Elektro-akustische Test-Systeme

  • Audiometric Calibration
    • Portable Audiometer Calibration System – AudCal
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    • Acoustic Couplers & Ear Simulators


AudCal - Audiometer Calibration System - Equipment Overview

The SoundAdvisor Audiometer Calibration System, Model AudCal, from Larson Davis is a field-ready solution for fast, comprehensive audiometer calibration. AudCal works seamlessly with a tablet for both testing and data collection–no PC is required. Artificial ear couplers and mastoids are available to simplify the challenge of interfacing with a wide variety of audiometer transducers. In this video, learn more about the equipment included with Model AudCal SYS017.

Dauer: ca. 2 min

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