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FLIR SC6700SLS Science-Grade Infrared Camera

Available with a host of off-the-shelf filter options and lens configurations, the versatile FLIR SC6700SLS offers high speed, high resolution, and enormous ease and flexibility in configuration for just about any scientific or research application.


Imaging Specifications
DetectorSC6700 LWIR
Detector TypeStrained Layer Superlattice (SLS)
Spectral Range7.5-9.5µm
Detector Pitch15x15µm
Well Capacity 7.2M electrons
Readout TypeSnapshot
Readout ModeAsynchronous Integrate While Read; Asynchronous Integrate Then Read
Synchronization Mode Genlock; Frame Sync Starts Integration; Frame Sync Starts Readout
Integration Time500ns to Full Frame
Pixel Clock50mHz
Full Frame RateProgrammable 0,0015Hz to 125Hz
Subwindow ModeUser Defined
Dynamic Range14bit
Temperature Measurement
Standard Temperature Range -20°C to +650°C
Optional Temperature RangeUp to +1500°C or Up to +2000°C
Video / Command and Control
Digital Video GigE, Camera_ink Base
Analog VIdeoNTSC, PAL, S-Video, SVGA
Command and ControlGigE, Camera_ink Base
General Specifications
Sensor CoolingInternal Stirling Closed Cycle
Sensor Assembly2,5 or 4,0
Temperature-40°C to +50C Operating, -55°C to + 80°C Non-Operating
Altidude0 to 40,000 Feet Operational, 0 to 70,000 Feet Non-Operational
Lens Options
Avilable Lenses13mm, 25mm, 50mm, 100mm, 200mm
FilteringInternal 4 position filter wheel and optional Custom Cold Filtering
Physical Specifications
Size (l x w x h)8,6" x 5,64" x 6,21"