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Test and Measurement

ABIT aims to establish an engineering environment to develop high quality leading edge telecommunication systems that can be used around the world.

In 1996, ABIT first launched the PDC Air Protocol analyzer (AP series). This breakthrough test equipment allowed PDC equipment developers to monitor/capture the radio signals over the air that they were unable to see before.Later on, the AP was redesigned to be compatible with 3G WCDMA/UMTS and GSM systems.

AP-6000 is now being used world wide by 3G service operators and equipment manufacturers. In earlier 2007, ABIT released AR-7200 Air Recorder (AR series). The AR-7200 records the WCDMA/GSM air interface for later reproduction, replicating a real time environment. It records the radio signals between Node Bs and UEs, stores them in its internal hard disk drives and plays them back in I/Q data. The AR-7200 is the ideal companion for the AP-6000 Air Protocol Analyzer when multiple UEs have to be analyzed during the same period of time. Continuing our success on 3G technology and leading position on Air Protocol Analysis, in August 2009, ABiT launched the next generation solution, AQ-M800 LTE air Protocol Analyzer, which became one of the first products in the industry supporting 3GPP March’09 release and real-time decoding. Air Protocol Analyzer for next Generation of PHS and TDD version LTE are currently under development and expected to be introduced to market soon.


AQ-M800 - LTE Air Protocol Analyzer

The AQ-M800 is the LTE next step in the highly successful line of over the air protocol analyzers from ABIT Corporation. Its dual RF and CPRI input along with the I/Q recording capability and ABIT’s proven experience in protocol decoding and analysis, makes the AQ-M800 an essential and reliable tool for LTE air interface protocol analysis.

AP-6000 - Air Protocol Analyzer

The AP-6000 provides users with advanced solutions for both the R&D lab and IOT environments complying with the 3GPP latest air interface standards.

AS-1900 - PS/CS PHS Simulator for W-OAM

The AS-1900 the ideal tool to protocol development and compatible tests between User Equipment (UE) and Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) in PHS networks.